Galleries and Collections

Galleries and Collections

DSC_0136Here you will find a few of the interesting items I have come across, as well as pictures from my personal collections.





DSC_0429You often see different vintage ceramics while thrifting.  Their market value varies, but I love finding pieces still in good condition and researching the companies and their histories.  There are several active collecting communities for these, and the starting price points are often quite low.   Many of these items make great current pieces for your home; you just need to find the perfect one for your space.

DSC_0198Fisher Price Little People! Did you know they have been making these guys since 1959?  There have been many incarnations and my daughters both have their own Little People sets.  I enjoy Fisher Price toys as a rule, and often have to hide the vintage ones from my daughters-they are still fun and intriguing! Fisher Price in general seems to make quality, lasting toys.  I often find great information about them at This Old Toy, a website devoted to FP history as well as sales and repairs.

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