Thrifting Finds this week

Sorry for the long hiatus.  As a school counselor whose husband is a teacher, the March-June time period is quite hectic.  Things have finally slowed down, and I was able to celebrate yesterday with some productive thrifting.


I did my usual rounds and had time to hit several stores.  I was able to find something worthwhile at each one (I love weekday thrifting!).  My take from yesterday includes some things for the family and some things to resell.

The butterfly rearing cage is for the kiddos.  We have several Passiflora vines and Asclepias (native gardening is another interest of mine) and I’m hoping to rear some caterpillars this season.  All the milk glass came from the same thrift- someone clearly had a collection!  I think it will look amazing in my dining room, and if I fall out of love with it I can probably resell it for what I purchased it for.  Most is unmarked, but one of the vases is a Randall Co piece.


The silverplate goblets are Reed and Barton, and a combo use- I want to practice cleaning up silverplate, and there seems to be a market for them on eBay.  However, my husband declared that he needs a chalice (eye roll).  So those might stay, although we’ll see…  The cute little ring holder is a Takahashi of San Francisco piece I picked up for .99.  I’ll either resell it, or it will find a home by the kitchen sink for my rings.  The fish are chopstick holders and will be staying with us- time for a Thai dinner night!  No maker’s mark but they are charming and the color compliments the dining room.  The sphere on the stand is actually a Moon globe by Replogle.  I love astronomy and had to have it for .99.  Oh, and the cute little bag is a Bungalow 360; it might get quickly resold on Mercari as a test of another platform besides eBay.


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