Practicing Patience

I am currently on the hunt for a specific item. As a thrifter this is always a somewhat trying proposition; I obviously don’t have control over what comes up for sale. And if I haven’t mentioned it before, my main job is being a counselor at a public high school. So while I love what I do I am not exactly lush with expendable income.

At least once I day I am scanning a couple of sales websites, refreshing searches and buy-it-nows. I am also making sure to visit the thrifts I know tend to carry like items as often as a working mother of two can get out of the house (have I mentioned thrifting is sometimes an escape?).

Where does that leave me? Practicing patience. The price I am willing to pay is somewhat low for the item and I will need to be lucky and quick. I have been tempted to compromise. One of the dangers of second hand shopping can be buying more because it is so much cheaper that the new price. I have wound up with too many things too often, only to end up selling or donating them after they have taken up my time and space and I realized they weren’t quite enough of what I wanted.

But, I remind myself that I have seen this item sell for the right price before. I remind myself that I have many lovely things and now only have room for the right things, if I want to strike that balance between collection and clutter. And I remind myself that the hunt is often the most enjoyable part of the game.

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