The Pull of New Toys…

So today I went to Target, which is always a dangerous proposition for wallets and want lists.  I enjoy cruising the toy aisles for Our Generation Dolls.  This is a line of dolls comparable with American Girl that Target carries exclusively.   And in some ways they give AG real competition; while their quality in dolls and items is less (clothes are thin and often poorly sewn, dolls have very limited face molds, stiff joints, and inexpensive rooted hair) some of their items are almost as good, more creative, and way, way cheaper.

I often look at the dolls and admire the variety of playsets (another thing they do somewhat better than AG, in my opinion) and the cute accessory packs.  However, I don’t often buy anything unless it’s for my daughter and her contemporary dolls.  But today, I gave into temptation and purchased a Lori doll-a boy!

Lori is a newish line of mini-dolls that seem to be the same molds as the Our Generation Mini dolls, and are the same size as AG’s mini dolls.  I have been very impressed with the Lori line since they started out with a bang, producing lovely dolls and a ballet studio for them.  Ag doesn’t offer any mini-doll accessories, let alone playsets.  And lately they have been expanding, coming out with a full dollhouse  and furniture sets. All very mod in style, with cool details like lights that work and neat furniture.  Of course AG minis fit right in there as well…

So upon seeing a boy mini-doll, I decided to purchase him and talk about him on my blog. The world needs more boy dolls, and more acceptance that perhaps boys would like to play with them. I don’t know if he will stick around.  I seem to like the mini-dolls more than my daughter, and he doesn’t fit into my collection.

But the new things Lori is putting out are great, and I can see them being someone’s vintage toy in the future; a toy they spent long hours with and are delighted to find one day at a thrift store, or dig out of their old closet at home.  Perhaps Evan and that awesome house and stable will be my doll’s dolls…

“Evan” with a few lovely AG girls…

And, Evan still at the store, showing off the cool new playsets to go along with him.

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